Bank in Australia

A leading Bank in Australia with Retail and Wholesale Banking needed enhanced features of T24 and Integration of T24 software with Pega system and another 3rd party system.


Melbourne, Australia



1.Business Objectives

  • Accelerate:
    • The launch of new loan products
    • Onboarding of new business partners(Superfund industries)
    • Account opening process
  • Simply the IT Architecture thereby de-risk the bank
  • Transform to a fully Digital Bank

2.Key challenges

  • Multiple and complex system architecture
  • Multiple Vendor Management
  • Australian Compliance – manual processing

3.Business Solution

  • We lead a solution delivery team which consisted of multiple vendor engagement which was outside our scope at no extra cost
  • Development of Australian Regulatory Loan requirements and new features (redraw, rate lock, adv interest benefits)
  • Implementation of Differential pricing and Bonus Interest payment leading to new Loan products

4.Value Created

  • Simplified the onboarding and origination process and reduced the account opening time from 2 days to 4 minutes
  • Superfund management – Onboarding time reduced from 3 days to 4 hours
  • Branchless banking resulted in Cost reduction
  • Due to the implementation of differential pricing in the new core system:
    • 36% jump in the home loan settlements
    • 20% jump in deposit balances, and
    • 15% jump in customer numbers

Project parameter

Delivery Methodology
  • Waterfall
  • Agile
Type of solution
  • Development of loan products
  • integration with front-end system and ESB
Client and Delivery Location
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Mysore, India
Pricing Model
  • Fixed price
Project Deliverables
  • New core system implementation, Integration with Digital channels
  • 20 Months
Monitoring Methodology
  • Monthly Steering Committe meetings
  • Weekly project Status Meeting
  • +91 0821 4255628
  • India | Australia | Singapore | UAE | Myanmar

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