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Digital transformation is about more than just providing online web and mobile functionality. Traditional banking providers need to combine digital speed and convenience with human interactions that are both thoughtful & caring at crucial moments in the customer journey. Many organizations are overwhelmed by the scope of change required to become a digital bank. We keep banks a funding the right path to digital transformation.

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Techmill help customers evaluate the case for investment, set up products for success.

We facilitate customers to maximize the business results from major banking application initiatives, including burmarred programs. We help customers evaluate the case for investment, set up protects for success or place current projects on the right track to ensure the capture value when implementing new systems & programs. We bring full range of experience & experts to each customer engagement to help banks navigate their specific business situation.

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Banking is facing sweeping technological changes that are profoundly impacting the way banks do business with more than a decade of experience in implementing banking solutions. Our approach draws on best practices from a variety of fields, employing a combination of internal & external experts to fulfil the needs of our customers as completely and effectively as possible. We help our customers to plan to limit any unexpected surprises of local developments. We assist our customers in incorporating global best banking practices into their operational processes procedures to achieve appropriate outcomes.

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Banking customers are increasingly looking for digital channels to access products & services. It has become the primary engagement point with the institutions and it has enabled institutions to offer more services through digital channel. As customer expectations continue to evolve with the innovation and technology advancements, institutions should transform their traditional channel for superior User Experience (UX). We help institutions to build intuitive customer portals fully responsive for all devices across a broad range of financial product floorings.

Our Offerings

Omni Channel Banking

Staying a head means providing personalized and engaging digital banking experience with a powerful Omni channel customer engagement, TEMENOS platform. Techmill can help you extend your banking services across all platforms in a consistent and unified manner. Make every customer interaction count irrespective of the devices your customer use.

Digital Engagement

Banks has to listen & follow their customers to serve better and improve loyally. Technician help build a digital banking platform when banks can leverage customer’s digital engagements with powerful insights. Banks can provide customers with relevant banking services & offers based on context while customers drive bank transactions using AI related chatbots.

Techmill Test Automation services offers an extensive testing solution for banks that effectively accommodates customizations and challenges of applications and UXP development. Techmill primary focus is to provide a solid testing framework that is secure, versatile, scalable and reliable to cater to the needs of the banking industry.

Real benefits of Techmill Test Automation services are:

Single platform for entire E2E Testing and RPA

Web, Windows, Mainframe, Mobile, Web Services, Oracle Forms, SAP and many more.

AI based Object Identification & Test Execution

Hence no need for Object repository/Mapping. Automatic allocation and execution on multiple test machines.

One Script Concept & Multilingual Support

Single Automated Business Flow used for Functional & Regression, Mobile, Security & Performance testing and on different languages.


Parallel Execution of Test Cases and Business Components. Quickly deployable automation, immediate skills upgrade for client organizations at no cost.

With the ever increasing ease of doing internet, mobile and social banking, and the improvement of user friendly policies of both organizations and governments, coupled with the vast advancement of interactive technology, financial institutions are facing a new kind of challenge – How to make sense of the oceans of data presented in front of financial institutions in various forms, formats, sources and contexts is a big challenge. Other big challenge for financial institutions is having multiple systems to support the data. The data is bound up in siloed product with no conformity on semantics making it difficult to access meaningful information. It is difficult to get single version of the truth using these silos.

Our Offerings

Banking in the clouds with the migration of core financial services can lead to greater security and agility for banks when compared to traditional platforms. A cloud-first strategy would lead to innovations with faster time to value, no upfront capital cost, reduction in operational cost and superior customer engagement.

Techmill Cloud Migration Services will help Financial institutions to achieve below benefits:

Reduce Expensive Hardware Cost

Web, Windows, Mainframe, Mobile, Web Services, Oracle Forms, SAP and many more.


Resources can be scaled effectively and volume can be increased according to banks demand.


Parallel Execution of Test Cases and Business Components. Quickly deployable automation, immediate skills upgrade for client organizations at no cost.

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We build & service financial software. If your IT organisation is busy supporting business as usual or if you do not have your own in house team – we are your ideal partner. 

Drawing on decades of experience from financial technology. We provide you with solutions based on cutting- edge technology.

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